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A great way to advertise is through business yard signs. Think of how many people pass by each day. Displaying custom yard signs advertise your company and you.. At Media Widget, we specialize in designing quality printed signs to promote your company!

Political Signs: Our affordable political signs will help you get the word out about your campaign. Whether you are promoting a political campaign or event, our custom political signs help you get the job done. With years of printing experience on yard signs and promotion material, we feel qualified to meet and exceed your needs. Our political yard sign templates allow you to customize information like candidate name, address, district and more.

Real Estate: Whether you are a real estate agent, home buyer or any other business owner in a thriving metropolis or small town and feel that the real estate market is extremely competitive, come to us. At Media Widget, we can assist you in attracting potential home or commercial real estate buyers with an array of on-premise signage. We manufacture all real estate yard signs to your exact specifications.

The signage in front of a property says a lot about the person selling it. So, stand out from the rest of the pack with our stunning real estate yard signs. Enhance your business image by putting up high-quality real estate yard signs from Media Widget.

Generalize Promotion purposes: every piece of marketing material proves to be effective, if you have a large, eye catching, extravagant display sign with your company logo on it... You can bet that will turn the spotlight on to you!


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Media Widget is committed to achieving excellence. Our mission is to provide each and every client with extraordinary customer service while exceeding their expectations in any project no matter how small or how large. Media Widget is driven by the desire and commitment to help people achieve success in their business and marketing needs.